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Our First Home – Moving Day

Today was a good day. No, today was a great day. Today was a day we started a new chapter in our lives. Today, we moved into our new house and started unpacking our boxes. Today was page one in making... Continue Reading →

Reap the benefits of learning

We start at a zero skill level for everything in life. It's easy to assume that learning ends when you're finished with school. No more homework, no more tests. Just because it's been a few years since you've set foot... Continue Reading →

No, It’s not something I did

I have Graves' Disease. It's an autoimmune illness. This means that my immune system attacks healthy cells. I want to make one thing clear, having an incurable autoimmune illness isn't my fault. I didn't do anything that cause this to... Continue Reading →


Earlier this year, Donald Trump uses Pocahontas as his insult of choice for Sen. Elizabeth Warren. Calling woman with native roots Pocahontas is racist, misogynistic, and dehumanising. It is amazing to me when I meet anyone not understanding what is... Continue Reading →

Canada Must Do Better

Many of us were hoping that Justin Trudeau would bring more positive change to the environment, but unfortunately, that is not happening so far. The government continues to give $3.3 billion annually to gifts to oil and gas companies, even... Continue Reading →

Sorry kid, Mom & Dad don’t have all the answers

You should never be afraid to admit that you don't know something. It's impossible to know everything. It's perfectly okay to admit when something is out of the scope of your expertise. There is no shame in not knowing. There... Continue Reading →

Trophy Hunting

I am perfectly okay with hunting to feed one's family. I was thought how to hunt, how to respect animal life, how to give thanks for the meat, how to prepare it, how to use every piece of an animal... Continue Reading →

Medications are created for young men

Before authorising any new drug for public consumption, these must go through many steps. When researchers develop new drugs, the first tests are called pre-clinical studies. Often this starts with a positive result on a cell, tissue samples, then test... Continue Reading →

Priority #1

If you take a first aid class, they will tell you that your safety comes first. You can't help anyone if you are on the floor next to your victim. We all understand that logic. If you travel by plane,... Continue Reading →

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