Wild animals are fascinating

Wild animals are fascinating. Here are a few interesting facts that you may not be aware of: Inbreeding tigers to make them white has left the animals with serious health problems. Baby elephants suck on their trunk the same way kids suck on their thumbs. It comforts them. Adult elephants can die of a broken... Continue Reading →

Immigration is a hot topic right now

Immigration is a hot topic right now so make sure you have your facts straight. It's actually more about undermining truth in order to gain or maintain power. They play on people's fear by making false or misleading statements and repeatedly declaring that immigrants and refugees are dangerous. Do not mistake this action for anything... Continue Reading →

Why waiting in line is problematic

In the past, I have waited in long lines up to 6 hours for Star Wars tickets. I've waited in long line to get on my favorite ride at the amusement park. Unfortunately, I can't wait in line anymore. I need a chair with backs or a wall to lean on when I’m out anywhere... Continue Reading →

Underwear is personal

Many schools and workplace mandate that girls and women must wear a bra. This is a rule that is more and more being deemed discriminatory, because it only applies to one gender. If you say that women need to wear a bras due to breast size, then there are plenty of men that should be... Continue Reading →

We all struggle

Not everyone experiences the same kind, but life does offer each person struggle in some way. Kindness begins with the understanding that we all struggle in some way. There is no true way to ever be fully prepared for hard times. It's okay not to be okay. We all have our struggles. When faced with... Continue Reading →

Tarana Burke – Activist

Tarana Burke is the creator of the #metoo campaign. Burke created it back in 1997 because she's a survivor of sexual violence and she wanted to create a safe place for survivors and people who truly empathize to support each other. It is an important campaign because women have been suffering in silence for way... Continue Reading →

Bye Summer; You will be missed

September 21st marks the last day of summer. Summer is by far my favorite season and being in Canada it's such a short one! I will miss sitting in the sun on my back porch next to the pool. I will miss swimming in that pool and all the good it did to my chronic... Continue Reading →

Don’t take anyone for granted

When you’re with someone a really long time, it's sometime easy to get too comfortable and take that person for granted. That lustful kiss you used to plant on each other at the end of a long day can morph into a chaste peck on the forehead that can then morph into barely a look... Continue Reading →

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