Is your heat/cooling pump making you sick?

If they are poorly maintained, heat/cooling pumps will become incubators for bacteria which can make your entire family sick. Individuals suffering from asthma are especially at risk. Most homeowners don't know this, but it is recommended that heat/cooling pumps be cleaned once a year. Most manufacturers' manual does talk about the importance of cleaning and maintaining heat/cooling pumps, but... Continue Reading →

Take the elevator

There's been a wave of health and exercise rhetoric at work. Many have started taking the stairs up and down, even if our office is several levels up because it's healthier for you. They ask me why I don't do the same knowing that I have multiple chronic illness and I struggle with pain. It... Continue Reading →

Life is tough, but so are chronic illness warriors

Anyone battling health issue has numerous examples of bad days. These are only a few: I simply walked down the hall to our bed, undressed, and crawled into the blankets. My body was so raw and beaten, bruised and sore My legs were hurting so much I was having incredible difficulty walking. I peed in... Continue Reading →

Disasters in Canada on the rise

Did you know the average number of disasters in Canada has doubled in the past three decades? Theses disasters impact people. 63% of Canadians surveyed reported having experienced some form of disaster or emergency. We need leaders who believe in science and are dedicated to protecting both human health and our environment. Disaster can happen... Continue Reading →

Purchasing legal “pot” or working for the industry? You might want to know this.

If you pay for the purchase of cannabis, with your credit card, know that the data of the transaction could be scrutinized by the US government, thanks to the Patriot Act (voted shortly after the attacks of September 11, 2001). Why would the US government be snooping Canadian legal purchases? Well, the servers of the... Continue Reading →

Speak out

Women constantly make themselves smaller in the face of violence, or to try and avoid violence. If you have to hide, I understand and I honour any steps you need to take for your safety. Hiding is not how we speak out. It's not how we support victims of domestic violence. Us hiding and being... Continue Reading →

Access to high-speed Internet for all Canadians

The federal and provincial governments have agreed to develop a long-term strategy to improve access to high-speed Internet for all Canadians. Not many know this, but in Vancouver, the ministers responsible for innovation and economic development said that connectivity to high-speed services is of paramount importance to the prosperity and well-being of Canadians. They want... Continue Reading →

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