Stronger Together

February 20th is World Day of Social Justice. Our voices are louder together. When people come together and recognize our shared humanity, amazing things can happen. It's so wonderful to see how kindness inspires more kindness! Human rights defenders are often the last line of defence for a free and just society. Canada isn't immune from... Continue Reading →

Trauma & Emotional Wounds

There is no manual that teaches us how to live. We aren't born with an instruction book giving us the answers to all the obstacles we will face in our lives. The best way I found to deal with trauma and emotional wounds was to create this blog actually. Writing about my experiences, my fears,... Continue Reading →

Gun Violence

I'm getting super tired of having the same debate over and over again. There needs to be better laws and regulations concerning guns. If you reply anything in the lines of... "It would have been horrible if there was a drunk driver who smashed through and ran over a bunch of kids I would feel just... Continue Reading →

Becoming vegetarian is a personal choice

I've been officially a vegetarian for over 2 decades now. It's a transition that happened slowly and naturally. Looking back, there are hints from childhood that I would become a vegetarian the moment I was given autonomy over my food choices. I never liked the taste of meat, any meat. I would cover everything in... Continue Reading →

Accepting help isn’t easy

No one is perfect. We are all aware of this. We all accept it. Yet, admitting our own fault out loud is difficult to do. I am one of these people who pass their time helping others but has difficulty accepting help from others when I need it. I realize that I have built an... Continue Reading →

Random Acts of Kindness Day

Today marks Random Acts of Kindness Day. Have you ever done a good deed for someone? Can you think of something particularly generous you did to help someone who really needed it? Do you treat everyone you meet with kindness?  The idea is to help one person, expecting nothing in return. Kindness can spread from person... Continue Reading →

Whitney Wolfe – Dating App

Have you ever used the application "Tinder"? In 2014, Whitney Wolfe was pushed out of her position as Vice President of Marketing for Tinder an application she had co-founded. She received little credit for her work on the application and has since gone on to create Bumble, a dating application that gives women more control.... Continue Reading →

Ching Shih – Pirate Queen

Today marks the Chinese New Year. On this day, I decided to write about a fascinating Cantonese woman whose story is an exceptional one. Throughout history, there have always been women who pushed back against the roles society set for them. Ching Shih was a prostitute working for a small brothel in Guangzhou who was... Continue Reading →

Everyone has an inner warrior

Everyone has a warrior who lies dormant in them, who fights against adversity, who fights for their dreams, who advances with determination, who do not let themselves be defeated by the blows and who does not bow to the difficulties of life. This warrior understands our shadows, is self-aware, is not monochrome, an identical copy... Continue Reading →

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