Flu Vaccine – Is it worth it?

Because anyone can create and share internet content, you need to take extra steps to ensure what you find is accurate. Here are a few tips to help you separate good information from bad. If you are worried about vaccines because you heard bad things about them, please read this article about vaccine facts. Vaccines... Continue Reading →

Domestic Violence

The greatest threat women face is from men they know. More than half of female homicide victims were killed in connection to intimate partner violence. The criminal justice system doesn't always recognize that fact. Most women end up in prison if they use a gun to protect themselves from abusive male partners. The cruel reality... Continue Reading →

Humidity the enemy of chronic sufferers

Humidity seems to be one of the common triggers experience by the majority of chronic sufferers. I was on a high from having a few good pain day when pain started getting bad again. I was wondering why when I realized that it was going to rain. Humidity levels were rising. That's why. Inflammation and... Continue Reading →

Women are living human beings

There is such an intensive pressure to correspond to the standards. As if, to be entitled to a strict minimum of respect, women have to at least fit in the mould in terms of appearance, weight and fashion. Women are living human beings. They are not property or dolls to be told what to wear... Continue Reading →

Vulnerability can help you heal

As much as we would like it to be otherwise, before we can overcome suffering, we need to go through it. Faking it until you make it does not lessen the pain. Neither does suffering in silence. On the contrary, swallowing up and hiding our pain only increases the risk of PTSD. Inner growth arises... Continue Reading →

The joys of changing medication

In an attempt to treat my Fibromyalgia, it was suggested that I change my current mental health medication for one that has a pain treatment aspect to it. First I had to ween off my current medication and then start the new medication gradually. It was only for a short period, but it still affected... Continue Reading →

The danger of ignorance

Have you noticed that ignorant individuals are more likely to believe they are brilliant and truly brilliant individuals are more likely to believe their aren't? I swear the biggest source of stress lately is from having to deal with idiots and it feels like they are spreading in epidemic proportion. The truth is that as... Continue Reading →

Socializing with kids and teenagers

Every time we go out, people always ask my kid the same 2 questions: How are you? Do you like school? My kid has social anxiety and dyslexia, so school isn't her favorite question. She's learned that if she answers those questions honestly adults dismiss her feeling or say "don't worry it's going to get... Continue Reading →

Soothing silence

You know you have changed when you look at life differently from the way you used to, when you live a new way of life. You know you have grown as a person when you no longer lose precious time for things that have no real depth or love, when you start prioritizing more time... Continue Reading →

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