Why do some people often cancel plans?

There are numerous reasons why people cancel plans. Your friend may be an introvert or have social anxiety issues. She or he could also be living with an invisible chronic illness. Therefore, if a friend cancels plans be patient, it may not be out of rudeness, but out of necessity.

Introvert - social anxiety - fibromyalgia
Why do some people cancel plans more often than others?

As an Introvert, I am always wishing for quality alone time to fill up my internal battery. Being home alone feels so thrilling! It feels like the world is mine and the opportunities are endless. It’s an open-ended, a blank slate kind of day.

As someone with social anxiety, it can be incredibly enervating and draining to be surrounded by people.

As someone diagnosed with fibromyalgia and other chronic illnesses, I struggle with low energy.  Sometimes the nature of the disease can unleash crises that prevent the development of their daily lives.

Why religion shouldn’t be part of public education

In the provinces of Quebec and Ontario, there’s is currently a debate about sexual education in schools and about whether religion should or shouldn’t be part of public education.

Religious individuals, parents and priests sit on boards of parents of many public schools. Their goal is to spread their Catholic beliefs, including opposition to abortion, homosexuality and women’s equality.

Armed with their respective beliefs, all major religions seek to control the sexuality of their faithful. Catholic fundamentalists are now trying to control what some children will learn in Quebec and Ontario and we can’t let them win this one. We need to stand up and clearly say that in this country religion shouldn’t be part of public education.

Religion - Education

As far as I’m concerned, there is only one acceptable answer: no child or teenager will be denied sex education because of the religion of her or his parents, no matter which one.

Religion does not belong in schools. Even less in terms of sex education. Since the cancellation of sex education classes in the 2000s, kids have turned to porn to get the information they seek. Unfortunately, porn is violent and degrading for women. It teaches twisted ideas about sexuality to children and teenagers. It’s a disaster. We are ruining our children by keeping in the dark.

One of the problem with most religion is that it is a boy’s club. As long as women are excluded from the priesthood, Catholic dogmas will remain what they are: misogynistic and homophobic.

Considering that pedophile priests continue to rage around the world. The Church’s credibility with respect to human sexuality and equal rights is non existent.

Toxic masculinity is dangerous

Challenging the narrative of toxic masculinity is not about emasculating men, it’s about eradicating the negative aspects of masculinity that harm both women and men. I think most of us can agree that toxic masculinity is dangerous.

There are a huge number of pressures that come with being a man. Societal expectations and projections and self-judgments and rusted on belief systems, each of which can make it hard to seek support or treatment for mental health problems.

Fear of rejection - TopicsWithPassion.blogThe raise of the extreme right wings is a complete train wreck from beginning to end. It’s given a voice to toxicity.

An example of toxic masculinity is Louis C.K. Mocking people for their difference is not funny, just mean. No, the world hasn’t lost their sense of humour. They simply want to laugh without putting other people down. It’s that simple.

Toxic men have killed women they met on dating applications. They have killed women they have randomly met on the street. They have killed women they live with. Dating application isn’t the problem. Walking outdoors alone isn’t the problem. Falling in and out of love isn’t the problem. Toxic masculinity that says men have a right to anger, violence and ownership over women is the issue.

Toxic masculinity doesn’t hurt only women. Men cry and break down. Men suffer with eating disorders. Men suffer from anxiety and depression. We need to encourage men to speak out. They should suffer in silence.

Want toxic masculinity to end? Call out your friends and family, your colleagues and your fellow men when they act in a way that contributes to sexist ideology, whether that’s just through the telling of basic jokes or the actual abuse of women.

How can we then be a source of encouragement?

It is truly easy to become a source of encouragement. Anyone can do it.

When you admire something about another person, tell her or him. Let’s get into the habit of lifting each other up instead of competing against each other. We really should also get used to applauding each other’s other non-physical traits more than focusing on appearance and beauty.

If you have high regards, great respect, and favourable thoughts of the people in your circle of trust and influence, let them know.

“Blowing out someone else’s candle won’t make yours shire brighter. Remember that.” – Unknown

Being a source of encouragement isn’t just about what you do, but what you shouldn’t do. Never speak stuff that causes unnecessary hurt to others by speaking unclaimed rumours behind their back.

What is the value of St-Valentine Day?

There is a lot of opinions when it comes to St-Valentine Day. A lot of people say that St-Valentine’s Day is a commercial holiday and dismiss it completely. I personally love St-Valentine’s Day, maybe because I don’t see it as a gift giving holiday, but a reminder to reserve time for romance. There lies the value of St-Valentine Day.

Love - Relationship

In today’s busy world, it’s easy to fall into a daily routine and forget to woo our partner. Parenting, careers, adult responsibilities, all of these things can get in the way and create distance between two people who love each other. This is why there is still value in St-Valentine’s Day.

It is the reason why I believe that your engagement day and wedding day shouldn’t be on St-Valentine’s day. You may think it’s really romantic and that’s perfectly okay. Personally, I prefer having more than one day to celebrate my love with my husband.

Being optimistic helps you believe in yourself

Of course everyone know that being optimistic is better than being constantly pessimistic, but do we know why being optimistic helps you?

How does being positive helps you?

Being optimistic helps youPessimists people think they succeed with occasional skills or external causes. They believe it is only a stroke of luck and may give up, even if successful.

Optimists people think that they succeed because of their qualities and abilities, which increases their self-esteem. The optimists people are the ones who benefit most from success.

Being positive also reduces stress, which is bad for your health. Trust me, as someone with a chronic illness, I know first hand how stress worsen my condition.

How can we get a positive mindset?

Every time you achieve something, no matter how small it is, take a moment to reflect on what qualities and abilities help you.

What is the link between learning disabilities and fibromyalgia?

Most people don’t realize that there is a link between learning disabilities and fibromyalgia. A recent research shows that a significant percentage of people who have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia have a learning disability, such as dyslexia. This disability is the cause many problems such as following a conversation and finding the right words to express oneself.

A lot of these younger patients are very challenged in school situations. Dyslexia makes it difficult to read and to write. It also slows down the thinking and response process, because the child as to constantly translate words and letters in their heads. This can be very frustrating.Many of these children if not supported properly end up hating school and quitting early.

Older patients find it difficult in their jobs because they have manifestations of a learning disability. I know I have written emails to my boss only to get a reply back asking me to take a 10 minute break and try again. I once wrote lunch with all the right letters, but not one was in the right order.

When having a conversation, have tolerance if the person you are speaking with forget or change the words. I know I do this all the time. It’s particularly embarrassing when it happens with my employer or with strangers.

Are we punishing people for being poor?

The way our federal and provincial justice system is faulty. We are imprisoning people for unpaid fines, which is incredibly unfair as most of the time these are people who can’t make the payment. In other words, we are punishing people for being poor.

The policy has also meant the disproportionate imprisonment of Aboriginal people since many living in native reservations live under the line of poverty.

If you think this isn’t an important issue because it will never happen to you or anyone you know, think again. No one is safe from poverty and once you are, it’s very difficult to dig your way out.

This is so messed up. The justice system needs to be revised to make sure that we are not unnecessarily punishing people for being poor. This is shameful truth about our justice system.

Are you doing your best?

“Are you doing you best?” This is a question that is often asked of people suffering from incurable chronic illnesses as if the fact that they aren’t healed is their fault somehow. I can assure you that it’s not a matter of will. No one wants to be sick. No one want to live the rest of their lives with an incurable illness. It’s not a question of choice.

People who have fibromyalgia and other chronic illnesses strive every day to perform their activities with endless pain and fatigue. Every day is a battle. Every day is a challenge.

No matter how good our day may be. No matter how proud we may feel about our achievement. We know that our efforts and successes doesn’t compare with people who are healthy able-bodied.

Chronic illness

Trust me when I say that we are constantly feeling frustrated by trying to live in a healthy able-bodied person’s world, knowing that you are not functioning on the same level as everyone around you.

Some times we just keep silent because no words can explain the stuff that’s going on in our body, mind and heart. We don’t want to look like we are constantly whining either.

So to the question: “Are you doing your best?” the answer is yes.

Please do not think that they are not trying hard enough to feel good.

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