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What you need to know about women’s Viagra

Women's Viagra or Intrarosa is a vaginal egg and not a tablet, like its male counterpart. In other words, the two products are fundamentally different. This product is first and foremost indicated for what is called vaginal atrophy. In other words,... Continue Reading →

Are you a Canadian with a Business Paypal account?

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has asked PayPal to disclose some of the information regarding the business account holders of its online financial trading platform in order to ensure that all Canadian businesses are filing an accurate tax return. This... Continue Reading →

Traveling with kids? Preperation is key

A few years back I travelled alone with my daughter to Disney World and learned a few things about travelling with kids along the way. Being prepared is the best way to ensure that everything will go well and that... Continue Reading →

Louis Riel Day

Louis Riel is a passionate Métis leader. He was a mix of Cree, Ojibwa, Saulteaux, French Canadian, Scottish and English descent. I am Métis, a mix of Abenaki, Huron, Mi'kmaq, Irish, French and English descent. He dreamt of a civilised... Continue Reading →

Do it for you

Do you have a dream that's been on the back burner for a while? Maybe it's been on your mind a lot, but something is holding you back?  Are you playing with the idea of writing, drawing, painting, but don't... Continue Reading →

Guidance Counsellors’ Influence

I attended a French high school. When I expressed my wish to attend English CEGEP, my high school guidance counsellor told me that my grades were too low and I should instead content myself with secretarial school. He predicted that... Continue Reading →

Law doesn’t equal Moral

The law is not a compass for what's morally right. It wasn't that long ago the law supported slavery, rape-marriage, and child labour. There are still many laws that shouldn't exist anymore, that still go against basic human rights. Part of... Continue Reading →

Religion & Paedophilia

What drives me absolutely nuts is all of the excuses that representative of the Catholic Church has given to normalise paedophilia and amount of effort they put into hiding and protecting rapists. Cardinal Raymond Burke, a representative of the Catholic... Continue Reading →

What is life without passion?

What is life without passion? I hope to never personally know! There's a reason why this blog is called Topics With Passion. I seek passion, more than happiness itself. Why? None of us can really know what decision will make us the... Continue Reading →

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