Menstrual Cycle & Fibromyalgia

This comes from my own observation only and not from actual medical research. Every time I start my time of the month, I get really bad migraines and my Fibromyalgia flares up. Pain hits another heightened level. Last night I was waken up by a migraine only to realize that I had no migraine medicine... Continue Reading →

Words that shouldn’t be taboo

Ovaries. Fallopian Tubes. Uterus. Vagina. Vulva. Labia. Clitoris. Why should women have to hide the existence of their periods? Women shouldn't have to be ashamed of getting their periods. If these words make you uncomfortable then you are a fucking child and you need to grow the fuck up. (I'm in a mood. Don't push.)

Stop judging moms

It's time to stop judging moms for how they feed their babies. I did not breastfeed my daughter. I had a breast reduction when I was in college and couldn't breast feed. Honestly, I am glad I had that excuse, because the thought of breastfeeding wasn't appealing for me. That being said, I think that... Continue Reading →

The value of silence

I need moments of silence to feel good. For some they take that time to meditate. I am unable to do so in the traditional way. I can't listen to soft music and a recording of someone guiding my thoughts. It makes my thoughts even more chaotic. Being alone surround by silence is all I... Continue Reading →

Friends I made because of illness

I have a friend who has Fibromyalgia and another who has chronic pain. Our chronic pain is different from one another. Our triggers aren't all the same. All diseases and pain symptoms are unique and so are the people who have them. Our experiences may differ, but we are all in pain and can relate... Continue Reading →

The pressure to perform

The collective expectations imposed on each individual in terms of performance are extremely high. We often have an evaluation system that defines the value of people based on their level of productivity in their jobs.  "You're killing yourself for a job that would replace you within a week if you dropped dead. Take care of yourself"... Continue Reading →

Bastille Day – The French National Holiday

Today, we join with France in celebrating Bastille Day to commemorate the Storming of the Bastille on July 14, 1789, sparked the French Revolution that led to the establishment of democracy in that nation. The Bastille was a medieval fortress-prison in Paris which held a large cache of ammunition and gunpowder. It also held political prisoners whose... Continue Reading →

Depression & Anxiety

Depression and anxiety are a challenging and often not talked about aspect of Graves or any thyroid issue. Many people find support and even skills by seeing a therapist and taking anti-depression medication. Even if you tried a therapist and it wasn't a good fit, keep looking. There are therapists that have some training in... Continue Reading →

You were fine yesterday!

Just because someone is living with chronic pain / fibromyalgia doesn’t mean that they have the same amount of pain all the time. Conditions that cause chronic pain are unpredictable and have flare-ups and periods where it isn’t as bad. It’s quite possible to feel good enough one day to make it to an event,... Continue Reading →

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