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There are a lot of articles out there about toxic masculinity, but not many about positive masculinity in the 21st century. It is in my opinion that you can't simply point out what is toxic masculinity, you must also point out... Continue Reading →

You can’t see pain

If only people could see the pain and struggles we face daily. Most healthy individuals will never truly understand what we go through living with a chronic illness day after day. The pain and sickness never go away. We put makeup... Continue Reading →

What is kenopsia?

Kenopsia is the eerie, forlorn atmosphere of a place that is usually bustling with people but is now abandoned and quiet. As a child, I lived in a very small village. My grandparents had the keys to the school and the... Continue Reading →

Benevolent Sexism

Sometimes men with good intentions will end up saying things that are sexist or patronising to women without meaning to. Benevolent sexism is a less obvious form of sexism. At first, it kind of seems like a compliment, even though it's... Continue Reading →

Nellie McClung – Suffragette

October 20th marks Nellie McClung's birthday, which is why I chose to write about her today. She was born in 1873 at Chatsworth, Ontario. Nellie was the daughter of an Irish immigrant father and a Scottish immigrant mother. When her... Continue Reading →

In the name of religion

All organized religion is innately abusive in its demands for subjugation, particularly for women. "It is said that peace is the basic tenet of all religion. Yet it is in the name of religion that there has been so much... Continue Reading →

Trust Yourself

Trust yourself. You are doing all the right things and making the right decision. You have to trust your choices. There's absolutely no point in focusing on what you have control over. There is no decisions to be made there.... Continue Reading →

The importance of insignificant moments

Good things about our lives are all around us. Most good experiences are relatively mild. Yet these seemingly insignificant moments can add up over time to change your brain for the better, but only if we take the time to... Continue Reading →

John Wayne isn’t a role model

I have no desire to cater to racists of any kind. That is why I always speak up when someone says they like John Wayne. I personally cannot understand how people can idolise a man who was so incredibly racist... Continue Reading →

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