Fear of rejection

Rejection is present in every moment of our life and yet, we often have trouble accepting that. There are so many psychology article out there that say rejection is one of the worst emotions/experience we go through. Personally I think that grief is much worst. In high school I approached a boy I had feelings... Continue Reading →

Online Shopping

My entire wedding was pretty much ordered online through Etsy and Amazon. Issues can arise even with the best sites, good customer service can be the difference between a good purchase and a bad one. Before shopping online with a new seller, read customer reviews to see if other consumers have had positive or negative... Continue Reading →

Why the Anti Seal Hunt activist must be careful not to include Inuits in their ban.

I know that I'm vegetarian, but I was raised Métis. So I know the proper way to hunt, respect wild life, prepare the meat and no waste anything. Wild meat that is healthier and taste better than anything you will find in grocery stores. Seal meat is used for food and clothing Inuit families. Families... Continue Reading →

English Language Day

April 23rd is English Language Day. English is my second language. I attended English college and university. I speak better in French but write better in English. Then again, I was at a meeting the other day at my child's French high school and I was having a lot of difficulties sticking to the French... Continue Reading →

Earth Day

When the world is your playground, you have to do your part to take care of it. We should never take more than we give. Climate change is not a lie created by the world's liberals to pick up taxpayers' money. Pointing at other countries and pointing out that they are doing worse for the... Continue Reading →

Why is alcoholism socially acceptable?

In our society, drinking alcohol is a very common habit, and even socially approved. It's related to parties, reunions between friends or it's a way to create a bond. It's also linked to a socially accepted way to escape the stress of motherhood. That's why there is a large percentage of people trapped in the... Continue Reading →

Understanding Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia can be confusing to understand especially when you don't have it. It's important to understand that people who have fibromyalgia do not go a day without experiencing some weird symptoms. It’s not just about pain or being sore. It’s deep aching pain all over. Most people wake up after what for most would be... Continue Reading →


I'm a WhatsApp user.  The app has not only gone well beyond other messaging services in popularity, which were already in a very good position, but it also ushered in a new era of social relations through technology. According to a study by Global Web Index, which conducts research on the use of WhatsApp in... Continue Reading →

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