Having a cat or dog is good for kids

Your cat or dog is not just a pretty ball of hair - it is also incredibly good for your health. Science has, among other things, shown that pets can help prevent allergies in children, ward off respiratory infections, improve mood and even boost self-esteem. Children and adults with autism sometimes have trouble communicating with... Continue Reading →

Accidents happen

Is it me or are we losing patience a lot faster these days? I was sitting quietly in the waiting room when my name was called. As I squeezed between the woman standing at the reception desk and an occupied chair to get to the doctor's office, a feat that is already difficult due to... Continue Reading →

Living Wages

Would it be great if we lived in a society where company owners cared be about making a living and not making a fortune? Wouldn’t it be great if company profits were shared with all workers so that they can have a better life? All people are deserving to live above the poverty level. I... Continue Reading →

What you don’t see

There is no true way to ever be fully prepared for hard times. Finding out that you have a chronic illness and that there is no cure is enough to send anyone into hard times. I didn’t realize these hard times would shake me up and change who I was and the way I saw... Continue Reading →

I’m fatigued not tired

When you are tired, you can get sleep and feel better. Fatigue is still there when you wake up. Fatigue is when you wake up more tired than when you went to sleep. It stays with you all day. It's lack of energy, a feeling of mental, emotional and physical exhaustion. The pain never goes... Continue Reading →

Construction – Are we tired of being taken for idiots?

If you live near Montreal, you have probably heard about new hospitals with mold and pillars of the new Champlain Bridge that had to be redone because pieces tended to come off. Like me, you probably feel like every year the entire city turns into a giant construction area, lots of promises are made and... Continue Reading →

Threats of violence and death

Threats of violence and death on social media are the same as when they come out of your mouth. If you wouldn't say it to someone's face, don't post it online. People get away with too much on social media. It's time that we are all held accountable for our words. You cannot just say... Continue Reading →

I’m sorry I’m such a pain in the butt

I know you shouldn’t pay attention to what others think of you, but sometimes it's just gets to you no matter how much you try not to care. "Your job won't take care of you when you are sick." - Unknown No truer words have been spoken. I'm sorry I have a disability that forces... Continue Reading →

National Book Lover Day

Today marks National Book Lovers Day in the United States. Again, this is a special day that I think should be celebrated worldwide. Reading is such an important skills for many obvious reasons. For one, you wouldn't be able to read this post! (Bad blogger humour, I know. :P) I'm a major book lover. My... Continue Reading →

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