How to handle rejection

Do you know how to handle rejection? Who is not afraid of rejection? Probably this fear lives with you every day, but you are not aware of it. It's only natural that our self-esteem is affected when someone rejects us. Some will retreat and lick their wounds. Some will want to lash out. There is... Continue Reading →

Would you flash a stranger?

Would you flash a stranger? Sending unsolicited dick pics is the same thing as flashing. It's just as gross and violating. Women are tired of receiving dick unsolicited peaks, to be hailed in the street like we are nothing but prey, to be constantly told that our existence is only to satisfy the eyes of... Continue Reading →

Introverts aren’t being selfish

Introverts aren't being selfish for taking the necessary time they need to restore their energy. This is how they can be a better person. This is how they can become more productive in their days. It's not selfish to take care of your physical and mental health. It's not selfish to restore your inner battery.... Continue Reading →

Time is a precious gift

Time is a precious gift. What are we doing with our time? Do we really experience it in a smart way? How much of our time are we willing to sell? These are questions that we often answer with our behaviour, but we rarely think about them. Every morning, your account will be reset and... Continue Reading →

What is a trans-generational trauma?

What is a trans-generational trauma? Trans-generational trauma is an impact, a transference for which the emotional, physical or social pain a person suffers at a given moment is transmitted to new generations in such a way that it goes beyond mere acquired behaviour. The subject is not new, in fact the trans-generational or inter-generational trauma... Continue Reading →

Not everyone is heterosexual and cisgender

Not everyone is heterosexual and cisgender. LGBTQIA + people exist. There is not only the two kinds of people, "woman" or "man". There is a great variety (non-binary, 2 spirits, fluid genre, among others). Genitals and appearance do not define gender identity. A person can identify himself as a man while having a vulva, uterus... Continue Reading →

Life is not about being perfect

Life is not about being perfect, we are constantly evolving. It is essential to express ourselves when we are not well and not let it all bottle up on the inside. There are certain moments in life when we are not well, and it's human. I haven't met anyone whose life has been perfectly happy... Continue Reading →

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