Canadian women in the 1st world war

More than 650,000 men and women from Canada and Newfoundland served during the First World War. The armistice of November 11, 1918, brought relief to the whole world. Never before had there been such a conflict.


Practice patience

November 9th is National Patience Day.  It was first observed in 2015. Live it up and chase your passions. This year I will work on my patience. I will give others room to do their thing. It will probably take some focused breathing on my part, but I know that my relationship will be better... Continue Reading →

Wish list for better living

The holidays is coming up and it is the time for wishes. This is my wish list to improve my families and my own quality of life: A portable counter easy clean compost bin. My goal is to be less wasteful and more environmental friendly, starting a food scrap collection in my home is an... Continue Reading →

Living with anxiety

November 2nd is National Anxiety Awareness Day. Living with anxiety is a constant battle.You can be perfectly fine and all it takes is one minor trigger and your world comes crashing down. Sometimes we forget how strong we truly are. Be proud of yourself for every achievement, no matter how small, because only you know... Continue Reading →

A child with special needs

Some challenges are more difficult than others. Having a child with special needs is a big lesson in life. For all those parents who have to face the announcement of a diagnosis, know that you are not alone. Between 5 and 8% of parents share this reality. As a parent, it's tempting to try to... Continue Reading →

Witch Hunt

Since today is Halloween, I wanted to take a moment of how the term ''Witch Hunt'' has been used lately in the media. For example, the president of the United States of America saying that there's a Witch Hunt against him. That's not right to use the murder of women to play victim. "White dudes... Continue Reading →

Genocide is still happening

Genocide is still happening and it's unacceptable. Y'all swear we live in a "sensitive" era. No, we live in an era of ACCOUNTABILITY. You're now seeing the era of people who are looking to break generational cycles and curses and realize that most of the problematic shit we've let ride in the past wasn't OK... Continue Reading →

Do we value education?

Do we value education? Sometimes I wonder. We have a bunch of rules about school attendance that don't reflect chronic illness and mental illness issues and needs, because school is more important than anything else, but our buildings are falling apart. Our classes are missing teachers. Teachers aren't trained properly on learning disabilities and physical... Continue Reading →

Voting against Trudeau doesn’t mean voting for Sheer

Voting against Trudeau doesn't mean voting for Sheer. Many people want to vote against Trudeau, and automatically choose the Conservatives, without necessarily knowing the significance of this gesture. Please remember or realize that Andrew Scheer, leader of the Conservative Party, is against: Abortion and Reproductive Rights; MARRIAGE between LGBTQIA + people, and therefore, against the... Continue Reading →

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