The link between Graves Disease and Mental Illness

Graves Disease, which is an autoimmune illness that attacks the thyroid, can cause mental illness symptoms. People (like me) with an overactive thyroid (hyperthyroidism) may exhibit marked anxiety and tension, impatience, irritability, can be easily distracted, can have exaggerated sensitivity to noise, and fluctuating depression with sadness and problems with sleep and appetite. Anyone struggling with a chronic disease will most probably struggle with depression. It’s a normal response.

The doctor prescribe an anti-depressant pill to help with the anxiety and depression. It helps, but it’s not a one pill cure all solution. So I’ve come up with some personal tips & tricks to help when medication isn’t able to:


Many studies show that music can affect our mood. It can lift our spirits, raise happiness and reduce anxiety. Some research even say that music listeners don’t need as much pain medication!

I have Spomusic-1874621_1920tify on my phone and created lists according to moods/situation. I have one list called Warrior for when I need to feel stronger like I got this shit. I have one list called Mood Boosting when I need help feeling happy. I have one list called My Zen thing (bonus point if you caught the movie reference) for when I need to spa-like calmness. I have a Rainy Day list for when I feel like crap and it’s just better to listen to sad or songs about hardship. Even sad music can bring comfort.


Hugging is a universal need. I know that in time where the anxiety is hitting me, receiving a long bear hug from my fiancé help greatly. It gives me the security that he’s not going anywhere and he still loves me even when I’m at my worst. It releases hormones that make us feel happier and it reduces stress hormones.

Hugs can be with someone you love or a pet.Many research says that having a pet can help with depression and health in general. Pets have a calming effect on their owners. I recently got a small black cat. Holding her in my arms or when she comes and gives me hugs, it also helps make me feel better on the inside.


Many studies show that laughter can help relax the entire body, reduce anxiety, triggers hormones that make us feel happy, improve blood vessel function and lighten anger. A laugh goes a long way. When I need a laugh, I turn to YouTube and look at funny videos, fails, pranks, etc.

What are some of your tips and trick for dealing with emotional bursts?


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