I strongly believe that regular elementary schools should be more like specialised schools for children with learning disabilities. Their system is the base of positive touch points instead of negative ones. Let me explain with two example from my own experience:

I have two children who struggle with dyslexia and anxiety in my household, both have had a different school path due to the severity of the disabilities being different.

My child goes to regular elementary school. She struggles with Dyslexia and Anxiety, but not enough to warrant going to a special school or class. Her class like most, function on a consequence basis. You receive a consequence for all things you forgot, didn’t get a good grade on, etc. My daughter lives in constant anxiety and fear of getting punished at school. She feels like she can’t get anything right no matter how much she tries.

My stepson goes to a special elementary school for children with learning disabilities. He has Dyslexia.education-548105_1920 The school functions on a reward basis for positive touch points. Students are rewarded for good behaviour, homework was done, good grades, etc. My stepson doesn’t fear to go to school. He makes more efforts to get things right, but no longer spirals when he has a bad day. There is always a place for improvement.

It is in my opinion as mother and stepmother that regular schools should model themselves on the reward system used by special needs schools. I strongly believe that they would get a better response from students and maybe, just maybe lower the drop out numbers. I have brought this up with my daughter’s teacher but has usual, I get the ‘this is the way it’s done. I can’t change the rules’. Way to think outside the box. Way to care about teaching.

What do you think?