Wedding – Breaking from tradition

We are now looking at flowers for the upcoming wedding. It will be a very small order as we are breaking from tradition.

I don’t have flowers as the centrepiece as my future husband is allergic and I don’t want him on medication to survive our wedding day.

My bridal bouquet is artistic, geeky, made from my favourite books. You can get a peek on the web page Fashionably Geek. So the only flowers I need is a small bouquet for the maid of honour and rose petals (white and blue) for the two flower girls. I am now purchasing boutonnieres or any other arrangements.

roses-1660039_1920I’m also not doing the throwing of the bouquet. There is only one single woman coming to my wedding and I wouldn’t do that to her. Plus the last wedding I attended, an 8-year-old girl caught the bouquet and some women started crying because it meant that they wouldn’t get married until that kid grew up and found love. I do not want tears of sadness on my special day.

This seemed to take my mother by surprise and I think a saw a bit of disappointment, but she’s respecting our choice.

I don’t understand the need to keep up with traditions that I don’t feel attached to or have any meaning to me. ¬†What are your thoughts on the subject?


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