2017 – The year of Milestones

I know that many are saying that the year 2016 was the worst ever. Although it was an extremely tough year indeed, I personally have to say it was also a very good year. A year ago, everything was different and now I look back and I realize that we can achieve a lot more than we thought possible.

2017 promises to be a big year for me and many others. I do not take resolutions per say, but I do have huge plans coming to fruition next year.

  • Buying our first house
  • Getting Married
  • Getting radiation treatment for Grwedding-322034_1920aves Disease and Hyperthyroidism.

I have a feeling it’s going to be the scariest and best year yet.

We already have a home in sight. In the first week of January, we will find out the results of the home inspection done between Christmas and New Years Eve. I feel a ball nerves inside my stomach as I hope that nothing terrible is found and that it’s alright for us to proceed and make an offer.

What are your plans for the year to come?


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