Perfect Parenting Doesn’t Exist

I think every parent can identify with the pressure to be perfect mothers and fathers even as they feel pressure surrounding working vs. not working, home made vs. store bought, etc.child-932083_1920

Chances are you have probably sat in your own home thinking that you haven’t done enough for your children (and have a list that not every superman or superwoman could achieve). You have probably worried that you’re messing up your kids. You’ve worrying about decisions you’ve made or things you haven’t done. You’ve kicking yourself for responding too short or/and you’re just feeling overwhelmed. I know I have personally shed many tears over these insecurities. I don’t know many parents who haven’t questions themselves and their parenting styles.

In a world where everyone has a strong and vocal opinions, on social media that shows the crafty parents that do everything home made, the soccer parents that drive their kids everywhere and volunteer to coach sport teams, it’s easy to feel like you’re not measuring up. It’s easy to look at other parents and think that they have it all together, but nobody has it together 24/7, some just appear to be because you are not privy to their every moments.

Each child is unique and none are born with an instruction book. All we can do is our best.

All that matters is that you love your children .


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