Dyslexia is a lifelong condition.

I believe that it is truly important that teachers have proper training on how to recognise Dyslexia in the class room.

I wasn’t diagnosed as dyslexic until universitywood-cube-473703_1920. I spent most of my school days in fear of mispronouncing new vocabulary (I still do), struggling to read aloud (I still do), or misspelling common words (I still do).

While I was in school, there was an incentive to learn how to write properly. They would take off up to 20% on tests, in any field (math, French, etc.), if you made spelling or grammar mistakes. The problem my dyslexia is worst when I’m stressed, so I gave up trying after a while and told myself that if I had 80% it equalled 100% and I have straight 80% most of the time. Imagine how well I could have done if someone had understood that I had dyslexia and knew the tools to help me deal with it?