Autoimmune Disease

medic-563423_1920An autoimmune disease is said to develop when your immune system, which defends your body against disease, decides your healthy cells are foreign and goes on the attack.

The autoimmune diseases usually fluctuate between periods of remission (little or no symptoms) and flare-ups (worsening symptoms), which is why it is easy for people to think that you are doing better and getting cured. I find it’s difficult for people to understand, but because today is a good day, tomorrow may be a different story. It’s also can make the person with the autoimmune disease feel like a yo-yo.

The┬átreatment for autoimmune diseases focuses on relieving symptoms because there is currently no cure. This is something I’m having a difficult time getting people to understand. There is no cure, only treatment. I have this for the rest of my life.


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