Women aren’t your property

fear-1131143_1280Women aren’t your property. Many will speak up against honour killings thinking that it isn’t happening in their own backyard.

How many times to do we see in the news that another woman was killed for turning down a guy at a bar, or killed by an ex-partner, etc.?

Here are just a few examples.

  1. On October 13, in Montreal, Ontario, Altamond Jr Little killed his wife who was leaving him. He shouted that she was his wife and he could do whatever he wanted with her.
  2. On January 17, in Toronto, ON: Annunziata Melaragno, 68 was killed by her husband, Dario, 73.
  3. On January 23, in Hamilton, ON: Tammy Le, 25. was strangled to death suspected to have been inflicted by ‘john’ Terry Moore, 30. He committed suicide later the same evening.
  4. On January 24, in Saskatoon, SK: Beverly Littlecrow, 36. Her boyfriend Gabriel Faucher, 43, was charged with second-degree murder in her death.
  5. On February 3, in Sarnia, ON: Gurpreet K. Brar, 37 was killed by her husband Sukhchain Singh Brar, 50.
  6. On February 14, Odessa, ON: Nicole Guimond, 28 was killed by her ex-boyfriend Travis Sayyeau, 24

woman-929838_1920Then we talk about mass murder, caused by a man who killed his wife and children. The frame of mind is you are my property and if I can’t have you, nobody else can either. This was actually the main cause of mass shootings in 2016. You tell me there isn’t a problem.

Here are just a few examples:

  1. On June 9, Juan Villegas-Hernandez shot and killed his wife inside their home in Roswell, New Mexico, along with their four young daughters. The wife had recently asked for a divorce because of abuse.
  2. In July, this father killed his wife and their children in public and then himself. The husband had been involved in a separate domestic violence case back in 2006.

It is everyday terrorism against women, but it is not recognised as such because the perpetrators are the very people who claim to love us.

This belief that women and children are a man’s property has to stop. We all agree that human beings can’t be property. I thought that was outlawed quite a few years ago.I have seen similar reports in Australia, Canada, United States, etc. Maybe we should be looking at this epidemic within our own country and all over the world and take this problem seriously?


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