Native American History is Lacking in School


My kids still haven’t learned and probably won’t learn (in school) about residential school, deportation, genocide or about Native American throughout the century up to present time.

My kids did learn that the country was discovered by Columbus, which is completely false. After all, how can you discover a place when someone already lives there?

The books that they do have are outdated and written by white individuals who are writing about a culture and history that isn’t theirs, which creates a whitewash version of what truly happened.

History books can’t be pro-white-Canadian also. History shouldn’t be taking sides. It must show what truly happened, the good and the bad. The omission of the truth is, in fact, a form of lying.┬áMillions of first nation people died, and many millions of acres of their land were taken from them to serve the advancing settlers.It was genocide but the rule is the winner writes all the history. Kids should learn about the residential schools and the extreme assimilation efforts and how it still affects families who lived through them to this day. They need to learn about relocation and incarceration in an effort to separate them from home and culture.

I even had one teacher tell the class that the first nation people had died out. I remember the shock on her face when I rose my hand and said: “Hello, I’m still here.”

The majority of my ancestors were here before the continent was “discovered” according to our history books.

This is a great idea:

New book aims to teach children about painful history of residential schools


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