Tar Sands Pipelines

alaska-67304_1920Scientists and Activists have issued a call to action to stop the Transcanada tar sands pipeline and we should all be paying attention.

Building the tar sands pipeline not only tramples First Nations rights, it also pollutes the land, water and air, and fuel climate change. Tar sands extraction in Canada destroys Boreal forests and wetlands, causes high levels of greenhouse gas pollution, and leaves behind immense lakes of toxic waste. The Alberta tar sands contain enough carbon to lock the planet into climate chaos. The construction and use of tar sands pipeline to carry diluted bitumen is putting public safety at risk.

If the tar sands get fully developed, said Hansen, “it is essentially game over” for the climate.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s recent approval of two oil-sands pipelines is a direct betrayal of his promises to move on climate change. If you commit to saving our planet, as all Prime Minister should, you must commit to 100%, otherwise your efforts aren’t worth much. Unfortunately, in order to ensure that future generations have a planet to live on and that Canadian soil doesn’t become toxic, you can’t be catering to businesses that are only interested in immediate profit.

“When the last tree is cut down, the last river poisoned, the last fish caught, then only will the white man discover that he cannot eat money…” – Native American Quote

We have to urge the Prime Minister to do the right thing and make the move to renewable energy. Please sign the Greenpeace petition.

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