Religion, Politics and Women’s Health

doctors-office-1944117_1920In Texas, United States doctors can now deny treatment to women who have had abortion.

Giving religion political rights over women health is an not only incredibly dangerous, it’s also unethical thing to do that violates basic human rights. Human Rights Watch should be jumping on this one and quick.

One’s religious freedom should never endanger the lives of others, which is why religion should never come into play when it comes to politics. One’s freedom stops where the freedom of the other starts. If you can’t place your personal beliefs aside, you have no business being in the medical field or being in politics.

Having the right to refuse services based on religious beliefs gives grounds to discriminate based on all kinds of things. If your religious freedom is more important than your Hippocratic oath you need to find another profession.

Doctors and nurses’s jobs is not to discriminate against anyone, it is to give medical care to those in need, regardless of any other aspect of their life. To refuse medical care to anyone is voluntary murder and should be treated as such by the justice system, not be turning a blind eye to discrimination and murder because it’s comes from a place of religious belief.

doctor-563428_1920Nobody working in the medical field will like all of my patients, but it’s their job is to be professional and take care of all people who need care. Giving religion political rights over women’s health is complete bullshit.

I have said it before and will say it again, keep your religion away from my vagina or any other parts of my body.

Do not use abortion as a reason to take my rights over my own body. Abortions have been utilised for centuries. If you were truly against abortion, you would instead make sure that contraception was available to all women. The only thing your religious opinion is doing, since it’s not based in medical or scientific fact, is taking away a women’s right to a safe procedure her own personal choice to do what she believes is best for herself.

Plus why is it that politicians are giving religion power over women’s rights to healthcare, but no one is taking about individuals who’ve stolen, lied, committed adultery, fornicated, masturbated, used the Lord’s name in vain, etc., if you are so worried about sinners?

human-rights-1898843_1280Why Christianity over any other religions? How do you justify prosecuting honour killings if you give the rights to doctor to stand by and refuse help to a woman who is dying because you don’t share the same belief. How is this any different? When religion and politics mix, it becomes a very dangerous mix and an extremely worrisome slippery slope.

Keep your uneducated opinions off our bodies.


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