Strength, Perseverance and Brokenness

There are many articles and books that speak of strength and perseverance, but the majority of them skim over brokenness. In my experience, being and feeling broken is the precursor to becoming stronger and having more perseverance.

As a society, we tend to show the positive aspect of life and hide the negative aspects. I find that this aspect has become even worst in the last decade with social media. We keep these thoughts, feelings and negative experiences on the inside, which isn’t healthy for anyone. Everyone in life will meet challenges, difficulties and unbelievable obstacles. We are not alone in this. So why are we hiding?

attractive-1867127_1920Feeling sad, broken, insecure isn’t weakness as far as I’m concerned, without them we would never know how strong we can be, how much perseverance we have. Without set back there wouldn’t be real growth.

I cry a lot. I’ve been told that I’m too emotional. That may be true, but I also know with absolute certainty that I am strong.


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