You look tired – Really? Thanks!

Sometimes the hardest part of the day when dealing with a chronic illness is dealing with other people.

More days than not I have someone telling me “you look tired”. I have Graves Disease, Hyperthyroid, I have a carried that deals with unhappy and frustrated people all day and I have multiple kids. I’m pretty sure looking tired is my permanent look. Thank you for reminding me.

healthy-1804955_1920I have found that a lot of people once they discover that I have a chronic illness seemed to monitor how I look and move day to day.

“Oh, no you look worst today, what happened?”

“Today you look good, you must be feeling better.”

Being really excited about my “improvement” doesn’t really help as I know that tomorrow I may be a bad day again. I know that I’m not really progressing, I’m not going towards a permanent cure, I’m just having a better day than yesterday or I’m just better at hiding my pain today. People with chronic illnesses long for people to understand that we may look great on the outside, but we’re tired of feeling sick every day on the inside.

I realise that people mean well, they want to be encouraging and show that they do see your struggle, but the repetition of the questions demanding an answer can be exhausting. Feeling like you live under a microscope where everyone of your expressions and movements are over-analysed can be difficult too.

I understand that you are struggling to find a way to respond or communicate with me about my illness. I am also struggling to find a way to respond and communicate about my illness. We are on different sides of the same coin.


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