Food Police – You’re doing more harm than good

Do you act as the food police? You’re doing more harm than good. Since the new year, we have a number of people now monitoring what others are eating and informing people loudly and publicly when they are making unhealthy choices.

You’re on a new diet? That’s great, but it’s yours, not mine. You may be thinking that you are helping others by pushing them in a healthier direction, but what you may be doing is bullying them into an eating disorder.

macbook-923616_1920Office cafeteria needs to be a judgement free zone. If people fear that they will be judge and condemn or bullied every time they step into the room, they will simply start eating at their desk or leave the office to get peace. Congratulation, you have turned the office into a hostile environment.

My “diet” is monitored by my doctor due to my health issue and it is specific to me. What is good for me, may not be good for another person and vice versa. You may look at my plate and question
the size or the food choice, but unless you are my doctor, I’m not listening. If she’s telling me I’m doing great, then no amount of judgement coming from others matters.


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