Failure is an essential life lesson

women-1209678_1920Failure is an essential life lesson. An employee made the same mistake twice, the kind of error that affects the accounting department. It happens, we are all human. The employee in question was informed of his/her mistake by email and was explained why this is very important and what kind of trouble for it’s causing for the company.

The individual who made the mistake started crying and made a complaint to her manager that the accounting department hurt her feelings. The manager of the department and the Human Resources manager both took the employee’s side, stating that no one is to tell employee that they’ve made a mistake. Accounting staff or any other staff coming across an issue should inform the manager and leave it to them to fix the problem.

Apparently, according to Human Resources, the younger generation were thought differently (no failing in school for example) and we therefore shouldn’t be expecting accountability. Instead, we must simply give more training or do refresher training for the entire department so that the individual that made the mistake won’t feel bad.

The problem with overprotecting our children means that they become adults unable to deal with every day problem. It’s normal to make mistake. You take accountability, you fix them and you learn. Why is this concept unacceptable now? How long will it take before they learn that failure is acceptable and an inevitability? How will they know how to handle deception?


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