Must Watch – One Day at a Time

Netflix created a new American sitcom named One Day at a Time which is a must watch as far as I’m concerned. It’s like nothing I’ve never seen before. I’m usually not a big fan of sitcoms, but I had run out of things to watch and decided to give it a try. I’m now sharing this find with everyone that I know.

remote-control-932273_1920“One Day at a time” openly speaks about race, mental health, parenting, feminism, equal pay, undocumented immigrants, white privilege, army veterans issues, disability, religion, single porn, multi-generational households, and so much more.

The script is funny and enlightening. It is a modern twist that was missing to television and I hope to see many others in the future. I am simply in awe with this new sitcom.

Seriously, stop reading and go check it out.


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