When the Violent Few Obscure the Peaceful Majority

daily-paper-464015_1920It is very unfortunate when the violent few obscure the peaceful majority. There is often more peaceful protesters than aggressive.The problem is that nonviolent methods of challenging ideas or/and oppression have little visibility in mainstream media. The press is, unfortunately, looking for action, violence to raise viewership when they should instead be careful with the very narrow point of view that they are spreading to the world.

Violence overshadows the message that peaceful protesters are trying to pass. These acts of violence get the entire effort categorized as a riot and anarchism and the message, the purpose of the assembly is lost.

Often these violent few join the protest as agitators to discredit protesters or just as an opportunity to create chaos, they don’t even care or know about the cause the peaceful protesters are fighting for. By ignoring the message of a peaceful group and giving a voice to the agitators we ensure that these agitators will continue to create chaos and destruction at future protests and we do humanity a great disservice by ignoring what the peaceful majority is trying to say.


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