Waist Trainers (Corsets) – History Repeating


Maybe it’s because I studied history in school, but corset was a fashion trend that killed women. Why are we bringing them back? Shouldn’t we know better?!

The act of donning a waist trainer / corset because they squeeze the organs inside your body like you squeeze toothpaste from the tube. This means it can cause internal bleeding. Is beauty more important than health? Is it worth causing internal damage?

They also had deformed babies, or couldn’t carry them to term because their organs got all malformed. Waist trainers are just stupidly dangerous. For me the most discouraging part of this story is that history is repeating once again. As a society, we haven’t learned from our mistakes. This is truly depressing.


3 thoughts on “Waist Trainers (Corsets) – History Repeating

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  1. FINALLY!!! an article about waist trainers that gives the truth!! So glad you are educated and understand the long term damages caused by them!

    I recently did a youtube video trying to further educate those who have been misinformed by mainstream fitness.


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