Office Review – Negotiate

One thing that I have always been proactive with in business is negotiating with employers. If you want something, you need to make it known and not be shy about showing why you are an investment for the company.

healthy-1804955_1920The business world has changed a lot. There used to be a clear progression plan and set time to get raises, bonuses, a new title, etc. It was once viewed unethical to ask for a raise, or a promotion faster than it was written in your contract. I know that I have been told that I shouldn’t ask, it ins’t the way business works. Well, openly negotiating with my employers has always worked in my favour.

Even during a time of precarious poverty and fear of loosing my job because it would mean that my family and I would be evicted, I still negotiated for a raise. Yes, I was extremely grateful for having a job and a salary, but I knew that status quo wouldn’t be helpful to my family’s well being. I wanted my employer to understand that I was in the work force to get in a better financial situation, not to get slowly worst as the cost of life went up, but my salary stayed put.

People who ask are more likely to get than employees who wait to be recognised. In addition asking a direct question indicated to management show them that you are interested in furthering your career and contributing to the organisation, it also tells them that what you value (money, vacation, recognition, etc.) and they will know what to do to keep you working for them.

If you don’t ask, the answer is an automatic no. At least if you ask, there is a chance to turn that no into a yes. Negotiating can be stressful and scary, you don’t have to be an expert at it from the start. Just start writing down the good things that you do and make sure they are known to your supervisor and managers. They can’t see everything and it isn’t rude to boast oneself as long as it’s honest and it doesn’t involve bringing someone else down to lift yourself up.


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