Mental Health Awareness Day

I know numerous people with mental illnesses (Depression, Bipolar Disorder, etc.). I am happy that we are getting to a point where it is becoming easier to speak up about one’s mental health.

There is still a lot of stigma and misunderstanding, which can only be dispelled with knowledge, which is why I am not quiet about my own struggle. We need people to speak up because only people living with mental health problems can truly explain the symptoms in a humanizing way.

Having a mental illness can be isolating. It’s a powerful thing to realise there are others like you and that having an illness doesn’t define who you are. A bit of compassion can have a huge effect.

I have an Anxiety Disorder and Depression. In my case, it is caused by my thyroid illness. I take medication that helps me, but it isn’t a full proof solution.


I remember how difficult and embarrassing it was to ask help from my general doctor. I originally felt like he didn’t believe me or took me seriously, but he did and he found the medical/physical reason behind the change in my mental health. I am currently seeing a specialist and we are working on fixing the cause of the issue.

I might have never known that I have Graves Disease, Hyperthyroidism and Thyroid Cancer (until it became too late) if I had kept quiet about the anxiety issues, the sleepless nights, the constant crying, etc.

If you think something is wrong, I encourage you to talk about it with you medical doctor. People do want to help each other, and even when we’re at our most vulnerable, we’re never alone.

List of songs about mental health.

Today is also Bell Let’s Talk Day. Since 2010, Bell has committed to donating $100 million to mental health initiative in Canada. If you would like to learn more about their initiative, click here.


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