The Value of Solitude

As a young child and to this day, I feel at my best and most alive when I’m in a quieter, mellower environment. I used to push my bedroom furniture around and hide behind them. I always enjoyed small enclosed spaces. They brought me reassurance. It felt so peaceful.

human-731507_1920Small spaces limit the amount of sensory input we are exposed to. It’s unlikely that a small space will be messy or loud or bright. I also used to love sitting under a willow tree at the edge of our land where no one could see me under the branches. Introverts have nervous systems that simply react more to everything that’s going on around them. It is probably the reason why I get affected so much by moments.

Some of my best memories are afternoon passed lying alone in the sun under a big tree. I love feeling the heat warming my skin while a cool breeze softly brushed my long hair.

“Introverts know the value of solitude in a world that can’t sit still,” – Unknown

As an adult I still find comfort in solitude. I like being alone. I appreciate the few special individual I’ve met that recognise this. I do sometime feel shame, especially in periods where I simply can’t bring myself to be social when I should. I sometime question it, but I tell myself that I shouldn’t let it bother me. Its okay. Many extroverts don’t understand and that’s okay, too. I love so many in small quantities that it hurts me. I’m okay with that, because it is good and it’s real.

“There should be no shame in being alone; it takes courage to be at peace with only yourself.” – Unknown


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