Wedding Dress Blues

Something that I wasn’t prepared for was the wedding dress blues.

business-1817472_1920I was extremely lucky. After a few months of online research on all types of wedding dress and choosing my three favourites. I booked a day with my mother and my maid of honour to go dress shopping. The idea was to try on the different styles I had chosen online and see which one fit me best. Since dresses are so much more expensive in wedding boutiques I was planning to order mine through trusted sites on the internet. Turned out that on our day of shopping, we found a wedding dress boutique that was closing shop and I found my wedding dress at the online price I wanted. Wedding dress shopping was done.

Queue the wedding dress blues.

After the initial giddiness, I was not expecting to start feeling the blues. Despite the fact you know in your heart you’ve found “the one”, I felt regret from finding my dream dress so quickly.┬áThere are so many beautiful dresses out there and I can only wear one! My dress is absolutely gorgeous and yet I wasn’t ready to stop shopping!


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