Stop blaming mental illness

Stop blaming mental illness

On my way to work in the morning, listening to the radio. There was a mass murder in our province, which is extremely rare. Everyone is affected by the news. My heart is going out to these families who are suffering. My anxiety worries about the snow ball effect, and how many other attempts will happen now that people are listening to crooked racist, sexist men in power like Trump.

pretty-1721699_1920Every channel is talking about it. Every news reporter on the channel we were listening to was very careful not to make any links to any racist/terrorist organisation, but one of the news reporters repeated over and over again that at the source of it all had to be someone suffering from mental illness. Once again, media is damaging the depiction of mental illness.

We just had a national day talking about mental illness, fighting against stigma, and only a few days after, mental illness is blamed for racism and mass murder. It feels like all the efforts were for nothing. Why are we careful not to blame extremist groups, but don’t give the same consideration for the good individual struggling with an illness. By the by, most mental illnesses are violent, but you put us all in the same bucket with your generalisation.

These same news reporters are saying that we have to be careful with our words because you never know what they could cause, who’s ear it could fall into. Will the next group to be targeted mental illness sufferers since we seemed to be blamed for all things wrong in this world? You are correct, words matter. Maybe, next time, don’t be so quick with your assumptions and your accusations.

girl-839826_1920I suffer from anxiety disorder and depression, which means I have two mental illnesses, and this morning the radio was a trigger. I’m at work and I’m fighting my tears. You put me in the same buckets as racists murderers, when I am in fact an activist fighting for equal rights for people of all races, classes and gender.

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