Discrimination through Robotics

Sexism affects everyone including little girls who are choosing their career paths.

girl-320262_1280When I was in elementary school, I wanted to go into robotics. I wanted to be the first person to create “Astro Boy” in real life.

I thought it would be great to have android living among us that is until I read an article in a science magazine of my dad’s. There was a small article with a picture of a female android lying on her side, legs spread and blowing a kiss at the camera. The article was written by scientists who were trying to create the perfect girlfriend, one that would listen to all command, never talk back and never say no. The article said that having a female robot would be an upgrade from a human female and that the human version could soon be discarded. When I realised that there were men who wanted to replace women with hollow dolls calling it an improvement, I chose not to enable them and gave up on my dream to go into robotics. I didn’t want any of my accomplishment to be used against my own kind.

When the first image of robotics is the one of a female robot who calls all men “Lord” like the female android “Jia Jia” (article below), it a very creepy vibe. It’s taking technology that doesn’t need to be gendered and turning it into a tool for discrimination.

Articles on sexism in robotics / artificial intelligence:



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