Police Abuse

Police Abuse

The police car pulled into our driveway sirens blaring. Our car was parked and we were making our way home. My spouse was helping me walk as my knee had let go earlier that evening and I couldn’t make it home on my own.

police-1665104_1920I asked the policemen why he was stopping as we were clearly not driving and instead of telling me the reason as it is my right to know, he immediately flew into a rage. He told us he didn’t have to give any reason to arrest us. He told me that if I drove only one time when I was 16 he could arrest me anytime anywhere. He told us that he could take our car and make our lives a living hell and if we listen to his command. In addition, he saw that I was having great difficulty walking on the account of my knee giving out and he forced me to stand on my bad knee. There was no reason for this amount of hostility.

I asked him to identify himself, which is also within my rights to ask and he refused. I turned to his partner and asked her to identify herself. She hesitated. She looked scared to answer, but she finally did.

The policeman eventually gave my spouse a ticket for driving without a license (the car was parked) and left. I made an official complaint with the police station.

courtroom-898931_1280The next day at work, I overheard one of my co-workers talk about a bad experience with a policeman int he same area. She said that the policeman had stopped her while driving. She had asked what she had done wrong because she wasn’t aware of making a mistake. He started yelling at her. Her husband who is a lawyer got out of the car and asked the policeman to identify himself. He refused and gave her husband a ticket for jaywalking.  It turned out that the policeman was the same one that had given us a ticket for a bogus reason. She told me that they were going to court. I gave her my file as an additional proof against the policeman.

I understand the amount of horror, violence and danger policemen face on the job and I understand that it can get to you after a while. These policemen need better psychological evaluation and partners need to stop covering when they see that something is wrong. This policeman had become a danger to everyone and that’s usually when it ends up very badly for someone innocent.


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