Computer Tech – Why the Doubt?

Computer Tech – Why the Doubt?

I am used to not being taken seriously when dealing with a new software or hardware company as they assume I know nothing about computer. This usually doesn’t last very long as I am usually able to show that I know more than the person making the false assumption.

women-1209678_1920I only got my first job in technology because the government forced the company to have one women and one minority. Since I technically fell in both categories, I got the job. The employer was surprised when I turned out to be his best employee.

There are no shortage of anecdotes about the frustrations women face in the technology industry.

New employees, especially when male, are surprised when they are introduced to me for the first time. They are often surprised that the person who is in charge of all technological advancement, and maintenance is a woman.

What gets to me is when the doubt comes from people work with in person every day. I just love it when people ask for your help. You give them the solution to their problem. The story should end there, but it doesn’t. They immediately question the validity of your words before even trying it out. You have to convince them to just try it and see. They finally do it, with doubt on their faces and are surprised when it actually works.

They’ve known you for years, they know what you do for a living, they came to you for help, so why the doubt and surprise?


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