International Safer Internet Day

International Safer Internet Day

The Internet has been an amazing invention that has changed the way we connect and get information.

women-1209678_1920Unfortunately there is also a bravery behind the keyboard that brings out comments that would never be said face to face to a person. Keyboard bullying is always reprehensible. Online violence needs to be taken as seriously as physical and in-person violence. Verbal abuse shouldn’t be a fact of line online. Threats of violence made online should fall under the same laws as if they were made in person.

A good tip when making a complaint about online bullying is to copy the terms and conditions of the social media site which have been breached and take a screenshot of the comment or photo as evidence.

“The threat of violence is experienced neuro-biologically as violence. It’s clearly traumatising.” – Ashley Judd

I once caught an online predator and the laws were incredibly inadequate.  First of all, it took me two attempts for law enforcement to take my findings seriously. Secondly, although investigators who took on the file agreed with me that this individual was a dangerous online predator, the individual in question barely got a slap on the hand and I can’t warn people about this individual or I am the one who will be in trouble with the law.

phone-958066_1920Research also shows that women receive about 17 times the amount of online abuse than men do. It shouldn’t be a great imaginative effort to humanise a woman to treat her like a human being.

One thing that we can all do to help make the internet a safer place is to held ourselves accountable for what we write online.


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