Memories of Vatican City

vatican-947818_1920The Vatican Museum is both beautiful and absolutely heartbreaking.

As an art history and archaeology student, I looked like a chicken with no head as I tried to absorb it all as a myriad of emotions struggled within me.

The museum contains one of the world’s largest collections of masterpieces of paintings, sculpture and other works of art collected by the popes through the centuries and by collected we mean stolen, pillaged, etc.

As a Métis woman who has seen and felt the devastation of what men of the cloth can do when deciding to force religion upon the people, my heart broke as I thought of all the nations that were pillaged and all the people that lost their lives.

Exhibits, which are displayed along about 7 km of halls and corridors, range from Egyptian mummies and Etruscan bronzes to ancient busts, old masters and modern paintings. Every inch is covered from floor to ceilings with art. I must say that it was quite impressive for someone who studied art history.

sistine-1128852_1920We had a tour guide, but having studied the art in school, I hung back from the group and tried to take picture of everything. I already knew most of the art featured in the museum by heart as I had studied them in school, so my goal was to simply enjoy seeing them in person and taking as many pictures as possible.

I even took a very blurry picture of the Michelangelo-painted Sistine Chapel. You can’t see anything, but I love the memory attached to it.


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