Thyroid issues affect more women than men

neck-1211231_1920Women are more likely than men to develop a thyroid disease, especially right after pregnancy and after menopause. It is also genetics, so if you know someone in your family who had a thyroid disease, this increases your odds of getting one.

Having thyroid issues affect women’s menstrual cycle. In my case, I went from having very regular and full 8 days cycles to having irregular and 1 to 2 day cycles. I wasn’t complaining, but it was a symptom of something much more serious.

Having thyroid issues will also cause issues getting pregnant and staying pregnant. I had 3 miscarriage in the 4th month of pregnancy myself and it took years before understanding why it was happening.

“Thyroid antibodies, which develop when the immune system targets thyroid-specific proteins, have been shown to increase the risk for miscarriage and stillbirth as well as premature birth and low birth weight” – Dr. Amy Myers, author of “The Autoimmune Solution,” and “The Thyroid Connection.”.



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