Reproductive Rights

pregnant-971982_1920Reproductive Rights

The doctor would tie my tubes because I had given birth only to one child and I was in my 20’s. I had been pregnant 4 times and had 3 miscarriage in the 4th month of pregnancy. I didn’t want to go through that hell ever again. The doctor said I would change my mind and want children again. He said his wife had given birth to several kids and she was happy. Good for her. That’s not my story.I told him I was ready to sign a document stating that I am asking to get my tube tied and was taking full responsibility and he refused.

My spouse at the time, went to the doctor and asked to get a vasectomy, he was also in his 20’s and he was accepted right away.

You tell me how this isn’t discrimination. Why was my spouse word that he didn’t want more children was immediately accepted, but mine was refused?

Guess what 10 years have passed. I am now remarried with someone new and I still don’t want more children. I haven’t changed my mind. It should be illegal for doctors to refuse such a procedure.


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