Domestic Violence

I was reading a report that places Gatineau, Quebec, in 3rd place for the highest number of reported domestic violence case. The story itself wasn’t what stirred me the most. It was the comments people had about the statistics.

Victim Blaming

In the comment, a divorced man said that he had a theory that women from that area were the cause of financial issues and that’s why they were beaten. If women spent less on shoes, their husband wouldn’t have to teach them a lesson.


Another man, said that it’s probably true, but other types of crimes were much worst in other cities. We shouldn’t worry about domestic violence, when there are other issues we could be concentrating on.

I am really disappointed in people. If the news reports that we have an issue with violence against women and people’s first reaction is “she probably deserved it” and “who cares”, the problem is much worst than first reported. I am worried about the world my children are growing up in.


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