Things I learned the day my daughter was born

Things I learned the day my daughter was born:

  1. Every pregnancy and delivery are unique. I was expecting really big contraction pain because my only friend who had a child had a lot of false alarm and the real one were so strong she couldn’t stand. The prenatal course we took said contraction would be felt in the stomach and the back. My contractions were equivalent to a stomach ache.
  2. Your labor and delivery are ultimately out of everyone’s hand. You don’t choose when and where. The nurses don’t choose when and where, even though they will try to control everything. It just happens. You would think nurses would know better than to say cross your legs. Yep, I was told just that. Welcome to the 21st centuries!
  3. Nobody knows your body more than you do. If something feels wrong to say it and insist they check. I don’t know why the medical system first reaction is often one of disbelief. The only person who can ensure they do anything about it. Don’t be afraid to get mad.

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