We went to see the Marvel movie Deadpool at the opening last year and have since then purchase the movie for home viewing. I personally loved this movie.

dead-pool-1903058_1920Let it be known that this movie isn’t for kids. The movie is action packed and extremely violent starting from the opening credits. It’s definitely an adult only movie, even some adults might have trouble with the amount of violence and sex in this movie. None of our kids are allowed to see it.

Somehow, through sheer timing, gusto and verve, Deadpool gives all this self-referential potty talk a delirious comic momentum. It’s really raunchy, very dirty and pretty funny goof on the entire superhero ethos. Truly enjoyable.

One scene that I loved was the sex scenes between Deadpool and his girlfriend. It is the first movie that I have seen which depict a man doing trying something in the bedroom that he might not enjoy to please his girlfriend. Yes, I’m referring to the Women’s Day sex scene. In our society, it is often expected of women to accept things they may not like in order to please their man, but you rarely see it reciprocated. It is accepted that women will and should try position and do things in the bedroom they may not like to please the man in their lives, but I have rarely heard it expected in reverse.

I also enjoyed the rewriting of Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Brianna Hildebrand), whose mutant powers include conjuring massive fireballs and sending angry tweets. As a woman, who was once a teenager and a mother and step-mother who has two pre-teens, this rendition of a strong, stubborn teen with bad attitude was great to see.


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