Exclusion and Stereotyping

Exclusion and Stereotyping

Montreal will become a sanctuary city for refugees. Many are reacting negatively, out of fear, lack of understanding and false hearsay.

girl-203341_1920Some fear that accepting refugees will turn Montreal into a lawless city. It should be known that being an immigrant in a sanctuary does not make them above the law. They would still have to act like every other citizen.

Some fear that accepting refugees will turn Montreal into a ghetto. Technically that’s already how some people think of certain areas, such as Montreal North. Yet, many family are established there and are striving. If you don’t want ghettos, then help them get established instead of forcing them into poverty through exclusion and stereotyping. It is a known fact that crime is higher in poorer neighbourhood. If we invested in poorer neighbourhood, gave equal opportunities for education, health care and jobs, we would solve a lot of the problems.

As for ignoring one issue over another, when did ignoring communities or those seeking help ever help anyone? We live in a globalised world. Placing one set of people before another is the definition of racism. It’s also what causes the ghettos you fear. The planet as a whole has issues that we can’t ignore anymore. If we stand by without helping, then we are contributing to the issue.


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