War on Women?

War on Women?

I came across several men writing about the current political uproar in the United States and this is one example of many similar train of thoughts. I was shock at the level of anger that some men felt about women having any rights over their political future and human rights.

It literally shocks me that there are so many ignorant people out there. Do they actually believe the crap they say?

“It would almost be worth it to have Shariah law implemented to shut these stupid marches and protests down. They really would have something to march against then, but, under Shariah Law, they would be beaten or killed. This mindset is so interesting and so stupid at the same time. I am going to go and pay my power bill and go to the grocery store, you know, normal stuff. I just really hope no protesters get in my way, it really is too cold to have to go to the car wash today.” – White Christian Male, United States, Married

Incredible. Shariah Law is a religious law that is extremely controversial. It’s rulings assign actions to one of 5 categories: mandatory, recommended, permitted, abhorred, and prohibited. The application of this “law” changes by country. Most use it for personal law (marriage, divorce, domestic violence, child support, family law, inheritance, etc.) This includes corporeal punishments, such as stoning and beheading. This is what some white christian males are wishing for in the United States.

They are literally stating that women fighting for their rights in a peaceful manner should be illegal and punishable by death. They are seeking to silence women’s voice and political rights at any cost.

Show people this article the next time you are told that there isn’t a war against women brewing.


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