From Printers to Countries – How people view the world

From Printers to Countries – How people view the world

I just saw the problem of the world explained through an office mentality. The office has a couple of departments. Each department has a manager and a few employees spread over the office. (Now, imagine that the departments represent countries and the office represents the world.) There are 3 printers spread over the office space. People understandably use the printer that is nearer to them.

Today there was a territory fight over one of the printer.

“Why are those two people using our printer? They should be using a printer closer to their desk.” (The sense that the immigrant should rightfully be seeking help elsewhere.)

white-male-1992579_1920“Why should we replace the white paper more often because they keep using it? If they want to use it, they should have their own tray and be responsible to change their own paper. It’s only fair!” (The sense that the immigrant receives financial help without contributing to the society.)

People were seriously mad about this. This actually caused people to stop working and complain about their rights. (Petitions, Marches, etc.)

They felt that their area was being invaded and that others were taking advantage of their technology without putting in their fair share of responsibility.

Sounds familiar? 

Things that should have come to mind, before this territorial war began: 

1. Each employee was hard working and contributes to society as a whole, but each come from a different department (countries). If they had bothered to ask why they were using the printer, the employee of that department (citizens) would have learned that one of the employees used the printer in that section to scan documents because the printer in their section, which is smaller doesn’t have that feature. That employee isn’t using white paper at all. (She is only visiting, she isn’t getting any governmental help and has no plans to move from her current home.) So the idea that the immigrant came here and is getting everything free while you have to work harder to pay a higher tax, was a false assumption, based on preconception and assumptions.

3. The other employee is sitting in the centre of all 3 printers and technically has the same number of distance to each and yet, they treated him as an outsider. (He had dual/triple citizenship. He works just as hard as everyone else and contributes to more than one economy.)

If you take a step back, the printers are actually the property of the international company and every employee has access to all 3 printers, which means that they can be used by all employees. There is no territorial rules set by the owner. (We are all human beings sharing space on one planet.)

This territorial “rule” was created by the employees who felt it within their rights to declare ownership due to the emplacement of the printer.  (Colonialism)


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