Respect – Earned or Owed

women-1785394_1280Respect – Earned or Owed

I had an interesting conversation with coworkers at lunch time today. We had different views on respect. Some of the older generation were talking about how their generation had much more respect for authority and elders, etc. The younger generation turned around and said they have the same respect as long as you are deserving of that respect. Although I was in the middle generation wise, I have to side with the younger generation on this one.

One example which is always given when discussing respect is the teacher/student conference-1886026_1920relationship. I had great respect for good teachers, but the times when I crossed teachers who didn’t know or understand the topic they were supposed to teach us and then hid behind a barrage of falsehood instead of being honest didn’t pass very well. Unfortunately, due to the way the teacher union works, teachers are forced to take job teaching topics they know nothing about and expected to do their jobs. This doesn’t help the teacher or the kids. The system is broken which cause overly stressed teachers and frustrated students who loose respect and interested in the education system.

The same goes about respecting people’s opinion. I will absolutely respect people whose opinion differs from mine, but the moment you infringe on the rights of others is the moment my respect level goes down.


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