Seeking Asylum in Canada

Seeking Asylum in Canada

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police have reported waves of refugee crossings into Canada since Donald Trump took office in the United States. In Quebec, authorities have also reported a higher influx of people seeking asylum, with many crossing in snowy, remote areas in northern New York.

mother-434355_1920When I see parents trying to cross into another country with their children I think, they want what I want, a better life for themselves and their children, I would do the same thing if I were in that situation, I wouldn’t care what cruel selfish people had to say to me, I would only care that my loved ones were warm, fed and most importantly safe!

These refugees would rather be arrested in Canada than live in fear of how United States officials might handle their cases. That is saying a lot about the current state of unrest and the dangers that it represents.

I have seen many complain that we should force them back. Unless you are a descendent of a Native American tribes, then you are not endogenous of this land and your ancestors also came to this land and made a home without being invited.

girl-981791_1920 Greed and privilege is why Native Americans are on reservations and having a dangerous pipeline going through what little sacred grounds they’ve been allotted. Greed is why there is still to this day slavery. Greed, fear and ignorance is why these new refugees are fleeing a country that has made it clear they weren’t welcome and aren’t safe. No one should live in fear.

These people are looking for a safe place to call home, a place to raise their kids in peace and to hopefully to work and be part of the society as all of us are. Please do the proper investigation and if all okay let the world know that we, Canadians, are welcoming good hardworking people looking for peace and tranquillity.


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