Talking about sex

Tomorrow is International Women’s Day. I thought I could get the ball rolling early by talking about sex.

couple-731890_1920There is still too much secrecy, embarrassment and shame surrounding sex, especially if you are a woman. Sex is natural and shouldn’t be something that is embarrassing or shameful.

Of course, we cannot talk about sex without talking about consent. It is vitally important to respect our own and other people’s consensual choices when it comes to their identity and their bodies. It’s called bodily autonomy and it is an essential human right. We all have the right to make decisions about our own bodies. Consent is given without coercion and can be withdrawn at any time.

We also must address gender myths. The one that baffles me the most is the belief that men have bigger sex drives, which hasn’t been my experience at all. Take a step back and ask yourself how many orgasms can a man have in one bedding? 1. Now ask yourself how many can women have? Much more. So tell me again why people think men were built for sex and women weren’t? It doesn’t make any sense, does it?

“It is not uncommon for women to desire sex more often than their male partners.” – Dr. Abraham Morgentaler, author of The Truth About Men and Sex.

This is why I strongly believe in easy access to birth control. Sex is enjoyable. Having babies should be a decision that two people make when they are ready. As far as I’m concerned, birth control is a human right.

Expressing sexuality isn’t an invitation for disrespect.Sexual abuse is never okay.

Enjoying a healthy consensual sex life isn’t something to feel any shame about whether you are a man or a woman.

This is a list of songs that celebrate women’s right to enjoy a fulfilling sexual life.


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