International Woman’s Day

International Woman’s Day

Having a background in archaeology, I sometime wonder what archaeologist/historians in the future will think about us.

adventure-1867074_1920It is true that goals and opportunities are more abundant for women and the modern woman is taking advantage of them in a positive and healthy way, but I never thought that women would still be fighting to be recognise as equal human beings in the 21st century. Unfortunately, here we are with so far to go and so much to loose. I just want to hang my head from sorrow for the state of humanity.

Modern women are much more educated, stronger, self sufficient, and hold more important roles than ever before in history, but we still have to fight against ridiculous rules and expectation based on gender only.

“A girl worth kissing is not easily kissed.” – Unknown

All women are worth kissing. Women who kiss easily are not worth any less than girls who don’t. A woman’s worth is not determined by her dreadlocks-1169010_1920-1sexual experience or lack there of.

Women aren’t one dimensional people. Just like men, we are complicated human beings. We are not supposed to fit into a mold and that’s exactly what we are fighting against. Let us be happy with who we are.

As many women, I will not sit still and look pretty. I will choose how to live my own life. Everyone regardless of sexes or races should have this basic human right.

Social media makes it easier for women from all over the world to stand together in unity. It is important that women stand together and learn from each other’s experiences. Part of that learning is to recognise that there are many people who because of their race,  place of birth, religion or sexual orientation face discrimination and have lived in fear of their lives for a long time. Part of that learning is to support one another regardless of the issue that affect us personally. We must be allies in equal pay, marriage, adoption, etc.

This is a great list of songs that speak about womanhood (struggles & successes) :


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