Buying a house? Use a Financial Adviser

Buying a house? Use a Financial Adviser

Spring is arriving soon (hopefully!) and the house sales and purchases will go up. With the change of weather comes a need for renewal and change in our lives, which is why so many will find new homes or new cars, etc.

If you are buying a house, I recommend using a financial adviser. A financial adviser knows what the different financial institution currently offer. They will look at more than just mortgage interests, but also look at which institution will give you the less renewal fees, will let you transfer your mortgage if you decide to purchase another house, etc.

calculation-390319_1920You can see a financial adviser when you first start thinking of buying your first home to see if your finances will allow you to buy one now or to get advice on how to get your finances where it needs to be to realise your ownership dreams.

Once you have a house lined up, you will meet with your financial adviser who will make sure all your paperwork is in order and he will be the one negotiating with financial institution and offer you the best choices to choose from. He will follow you through the process and answer as many questions as you may have.

Banks are after their bottom line, not necessarily looking after your best interest. They also won’t tell you if another institution offers a better product at the moment.


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