It wasn’t healthy

woman-977975_1920I have hyperthyroidism and I am not thin. The only time I came close to being thin I was eating half a cucumber and drank one small tomato juice per day and exercised for hours. It wasn’t healthy.

If you read about hyperthyroidism you will see that in 80% of cases, it actually causes weight loss. It figures that I’d be part of the 20% for whom it causes weight gain. They say that hyperthyroidism causes increased appetite, and in some patients, like me, an increased appetite and increased food intake may lead to weight gain, despite an increase in metabolic rate that usually accompanies hyperthyroidism. I may believe this to a certain point as I am always hungry and if I ignore the hunger and go on strict diets, I’m literally in pain from hunger.

scale-403585_1920I am terrified of going through radiation to kill off my thyroid and falling into hypothyroidism. I am already struggling with weight, what will it be like afterwards. I am okay with my current body, even if I am overweight. I’ve always had a range and I am still happy with my current body, but I’m afraid of getting a lot bigger. I’m afraid of getting out of control. As a person who has struggled with an eating disorder in the past and had just gotten to a point of true body positivism, how do I keep it all under balance? This thought makes me want to cry.

I am trying to force myself into a healthier lifestyle by easing into it ahead of the radiation. I have a few months to achieve this, but it still terrifies me.

I keep reading on the subject, but everyone experience is different.


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