School System – What about introverts?

School System – What about introverts?

In my children schools there are no longer rows of desk like the one I was familiar with growing up. The desk are arranged in group of 2 to 4 people depending on the class and grade they are in.

creativity-819371_1920The school system obviously values the extrovert child as the perfect student.

The problem is we need to teach children to work together and teach them to work on their own too, because that’s where deep thought and creativity happen. There is something to be said about autonomy and resourcefulness, which are key aspect of survival both in the future workplace and in one’s personal life.

I was once told by a teacher that they are now working in groups in the class because they are being prepared fort the market place. First of all, this was an elementary teacher and that child as a very long journey in front of them prior to the work place. I can’t believe that my kid had to start preparing for the workplace from grade 1. It simply doesn’t make sense. In addition, it has been in my experience that most jobs don’t work in group every day of the week and all day long. I personally work in a cubicle and yes, I do work with coworkers when they need my help, but most of the day, I’m working quietly at my desk.

What are you thoughts on the subject?


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