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As you might already know, my fiancé and I are in the process of purchasing a home. As part of the process we met with a life insurance broker. The idea was to get a life term policy to cover the home mortgage.

house-insurance-419058_1920Everything was going perfectly well, until the insurance companies found out I have Graves Disease and Hyperthyroidism. I’m currently going through tests to find out if I am getting radiation treatment to kill my thyroid (process that takes a week) this upcoming June. All companies responded the same way, let’s wait till she had the treatment and gets a doctor report on her health before we even consider insuring her. It’s an awful feeling when you are the one responsible for a refusal that both me and my fiancé have to deal with.

Being told that insurance companies will not insure you because of your health issue is like another nail in the coffin. I’m not sick enough to get medical leave, but I’m too sick for insurance. I’m expected to live a normal life, career, home responsibilities, etc., but I’m not healthy enough to get insurance.

Thankfully, there was a mortgage insurance offered with the mortgage itself, for which we didn’t have to go through any medical testing. We were lucky. It would have been completely devastating if our dreams of owning a house was destroyed by my health. We have the finances, but sorry, you will never be able to own a home, because you are too sick.

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