World Water Day

Water is precious. Water is life. We are 97% water and just a slight drop in that amount and we can die. It is the responsibility of every human being on this planet to protect our source of life.

Pollution is one of the most significant threats to aquatic ecosystems in Canada and everywhere else in the world. Dramatic changes have already been recorded around the Great Salt Lake area. Iran’s Lake Urmia actually changed colour caused by heat, dryness and evaporated water. That’s not a good sign. Already, in some areas, dirty water is stunting the growth of children. Human life is affected by water quality in every country. We need to step up and force a change for the better. We can’t stand by and observe the planet get worst. Our lives depend on it.

business-764929_1920Global warming and the melting of icecaps could change the Atlantic Meridional current. This will lead to chillier weather in the northern and western Europe, make the water level rise and cause more hurricanes. We are already seeing this trend growing. It will also shift tropical rain belts, causing major disruptions to regional climate in Central and South America.

Scientist are warning us that the warming of the ocean could make seafood too toxic to eat. The levels of acid in seafood has already started to affect the seafood industry and therefore the economy.

In short global warming could cause terrible and devastating weather change that will be felt in all regions of the world. Humans might have separated the world in countries, but natures is a whole. What happens at what end of the planet affects what happens at the other end.

Politician are loosing time, saying that we have to weight the economy versus taking care of the environment. We really can’t be battling about which is more important capitalism or environment. We don’t have much time left to save the environment and if we fail, capitalism isn’t going to matter anyway.

Never throw rubbish away on the ground. If there is no trash cans around, please take it home and put it in your trash can. Do not throw medicines down the sink drain or the toilet. Check with your local authorities if there is a chemical disposal plan for local residents.

Must read articles regarding water:

There are solutions available, these need to be made available to everyone and should inspire more solutions to come.



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