Grammar Police

I find it quite pretentious to dismiss someone’s point because of their grammar or spelling is off. We talk about being inclusive, yet we forget that not everyone has had access to the same level of education and many, like me, have learn English only has a second or third language, or again, like me, have a learning disability. I find that many are quick to judge and look down at others without taking a moment to understand that not everyone may have your facility when it comes to spelling, composing phrases and grammar.

phone-958066_1920I have dyslexia and struggle sometimes with speech and grammar. I would never judge someone on their ability to spell.

A great book that I read back in college was the “Grapes of Wrath” by John Steinbeck, which is written through the eyes of the main character¬†from the Great Depression era who didn’t have much education. It is full of spelling and grammar mistake. This book won a Pulitzer Prize. It isn’t a story that should simply put aside because it wasn’t written with “good” English.

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