Online Harassment

tree-200795_1920The minute you put yourself in the public eye, you will be on the receiving end of online harassment. The nature of the harassment can become incredibly violent and serious.

There needs to be stronger laws and regulation clamping down on the creeps who post anything threatening violence of any kind. Can they be banned from being online? The garbage on social media is not harmless as we see from the Quebec shootings. The social media sites and the authorities need to deal with the creeps.

The first tip I was given when I spoke about starting a blog was to use gender neutral wording because as a woman I am more likely to fall victim to online harassment to a point of criminal harassment.

Response to individuals who have gone public about the online harassment has been met with more online harassment and people who simply think that it’s part of the course. You wrote something online, you have to expect rape and death threats.

women-1209678_1920I do not believe that harassment is normal behaviour and those who are face it need to have their experiences and emotions legitimised and recognised as valid.

Threats have become commonplace. Violence is used to silence and intimidate.

In 2016, Twitter banned an instigator of online harassment and I for one was applauding. It’s about time there are consequences.

Examples of people who have gone public and told people about the harassment they have faced:

Resource for individual who are dealing with online harassment:


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