Wedding Dos and Don’ts – Who Sets the Rules?

Wedding Dos and Don’ts – Who Sets the Rules?

Everyone has strong opinions when it comes wedding do’s and don’ts. I would love to know who sets the rules and why people think we have to follow them like the law.

wedding-72180_1280I was having a discussion with another bride-to-be and she was adamant that you cannot ask people to pay for their meal as they are guest and etiquette dictates that the bride’s family must pay for everyone and everything. If you aren’t rich enough to pay for everyone’s meals, then you shouldn’t get married, in her opinion. She also explained that she had set up a wedding registry telling people what gifts she wanted and that she accepted money too ($100 per person).

Please explain why it’s rude to ask people to pay their meals, but not rude to expect them to give you gifts or money?

In our case, we are actually telling people not to give us gift or money, but we ask that they pay for their meal (tip not included, we’ll take care of it). Weddings are indeed expensive, but we shopped around for the venue with the best quality/price ($65/per adult) and it’s an all you can eat. So technically we are asking people to spend much less than the average wedding.

So how are we being offensive exactly?


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