Global Warming

For the last 3 years, scientists have recorded the planet’s hottest year records. While some are still debating if climate change even exist, it is already affecting ecosystems, communities and the economy. Every single one of us have noticed the rise in weather related catastrophes all over the world and in our own backyard.

  • Avalanche kills 7 students and injures more than 40 people in Japan
  • Floods causes spontaneous waterfalls to hit roads in Australia.
  • Floods and mudslides kill 67 people in Peru.
  • Lava explosion at Mount Etna injures 10 people.
  • Storm Cyclone Debbie causes devastation and catastrophe in Australia.
  • Wildfires in Chile kills 11 people.
  • Fort McMurray Wildfires in Canada causes the largest evacuation in Alberta’s history.

protest-455714_1920Climate change affect water and water is life. It is the responsibility of every human being on this planet to protect our source of life. Our survival depends on it. We are made 97% of water and just a slight drop in that amount and we can die. Dramatic changes have already been recorded around the Great Salt Lake area. Iran’s Lake Urmia actually changed colour caused by heat, dryness and evaporated water. Already in some areas dirty water is stunting the growth of children.

Scientist are warning us that the warming of the ocean could make seafood too toxic to eat. The levels of acid has already started to affect the seafood industry and the economy.

Bumblebees have been declared endangered in the United States after their population went down by 85%. You can’t tell me such a drop in population is normal.

polar-bear-1509103_1280Canada’s forests are among the most vulnerable to climate changes in the world. We have seen how global changes has already put the polar bears in danger of extinction and cause harm to Inuit population. We already know that the ice is melting and that it’s already changed polar bears behaviour as they are desperately trying to survive.

I don’t understand how some are still doubtful about climate change.

“Over 97% of the scientific community is in complete agreement that we are contributing to climate change. To deny that means that you are not a part of the modern world. You don’t believe in modern science or facts. We can’t argue it anymore, we don’t have enough time.” – Leonardo Dicaprio

This is not a problem that is easily or quickly solved and it cannot be done with half solutions. We need to listen to these scientist and find solutions that we will use and stop destroying the planet for profit. Right now, there is no sustainability.

Just wanted to add that the following response to climate warming (which I was given when discussing this subject) isn’t an excuse to continue contributing to the destruction of our planet: “China plays a bigger role in climate change than we do. Just look at images of pollution smog. Just look at the stats on disease and lack of sanitation. Our pipelines cars and consumerism not the problem, China is the problem.”

That’s simplifying an issue to the point of racism. Not to mention that China has invested over $361 billion into renewable energy by 2020 while countries like Canada and the United States are signing deals for dirty oil pipelines that already had so many devastating spills.

industry-1752876_1280In addition, pointing fingers at another country won’t solve the problems we are creating in our own country. The pipelines have already spilled twice and created an enormous imprint on the destruction of our Canadian land. Industries getting exemptions on pollution is also a great contributor. Let’s not hoodwink ourselves by saying “but he started it.”


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